Hi, I'm Oscar & I love making cool stuff!

I have a laser cutter and a dream - the dream to continue designing and creating crafts that bring happiness to families and friends everywhere :)

I grew up in Mexico and became an architect in San Diego, CA. I've been passionate about design all my life, and this small business is my attempt to turn a passion into a living through great design, superb quality and strong connections with my community.

By shopping here you're supporting a minority-owned small business! Everything's paid for out of my pocket: no big corporations here. I designed this website myself, wrote every word, designed all my products, and I prepare every ornament over my kitchen table. I make these with love and hope you'll love them too!

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By shopping here you're supporting a local minority-owned small business! I'm a genuine small business: everything's paid for out of my pocket, I myself designed this website and all my products, I own my laser cutter and pay for its repairs, I inspect every ornament before shipping out and I feel the pride of delivering superb, detailed & unique products to you and your loved ones. There's a lot of risk in entrepreneurship, but the rewards are incomparable with any other kind of work.

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I'm also an entrepreneur who loves supporting others who share this crazy dream! Feel free to reach out to me if you have your own small biz and we can find a way to help each other :)