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Papel Picado Ornament

Papel Picado Ornament

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Add your names below! One name per ornament. Make sure they match your QUANTITY of Ornaments. Names with 10 letters or more may be very thin and delicate.

For those who don't wanna decide between Dia de Muertos and Christmas, this is the perfect ornament for you!

Designed with Mexico in my mind, this unique ornament brings part of my beautiful culture into a personalized design for you and your loved ones. It can also be part of your ofrenda! It's made of wood, not papel btw.


All my designs have a High level of Detail. My ornaments are almost double the size compared to ornaments on Etsy. They have a metallic paint finish too!

Measurements = 5 1/2" x 5" - HUGE compared to most personalized ornaments!

Thickness = 1/8" thick

Materials = Birch Wood with a shiny metallic paint. Backside is raw birch wood. Satin ribbon on top, hand-tied.

All Oscar's Ornaments designs are original designs, digitally drawn and created by Oscar Corral, founder and designer of the company. If you find replicas of these designs, please let Oscar know because it's a bootleg copy. All rights reserved. ©2022-2023 


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